Dresden 5th Graders Explore Their Heritage
Dresden 5th Graders Explore Their Heritage
Posted on 01/31/2019
5th Grader presenting Heritage Day Project

Dresden fifth graders study how this country was colonized by immigrants from around the world. This led to each fifth-grade student researching his or her country of heritage. For six weeks during media center with Mrs. Boes each student created a PowerPoint presentation about his or her country. The students had to learn about the traditional clothing and foods of the country. They also had to learn about the present-day economy, government, religions and leisure activities. This information along with maps and the flag made up the presentation. The students also created a family tree and a paper doll dressed in traditional clothing.

    On Heritage Day the students shared their presentations with parents and other visitors. Then all the students and guests enjoyed a great variety of foods from around the world. Each family contributed a dish. There was an abundance of foods to sample.